How to make a halal burger at home

Burger is popular yet simple food. You will need about 20 minutes preparation, and 15 minutes cooking time to make 6 portions of home-made halal burger. This menu is good for breakfast or lunch, because has enough calories for our energy. Good option for your Ramadan recipe too.

Rachma, my youngest daughter (and our art-assistant), is a wonder in the kitchen, but when it comes to burgers she keeps if simple. These turkey burgers remind her of the Dutch beef meatballs her grandmother used to whip up – just a little lighter on the fat.


1cup / 240 ml high-protein cereal flakes
1/2 cup / 120 ml skim milk
1 Tbsp / 15ml instant low-sodium chicken bouillon (or beef broth if you use beef)
3 tbsp / 45 ml minced onion
2 egg whites
l ib / 454 g lean ground turkey (or beef, or chicken, or any available halal meat)
6 burger buns, toasted


1. Combine first five ingredients in a large bowl. Let the milk soak into the cereal flakes for 5 minutes. Add lean ground turkey. Mix well with clean bare hands. Shape into patties and grill.

2. Serve hot with lightly toasted burger buns or whole-grain buns. Avoid high-fat condiments such as mayonnaise. But definitely add mustard, low-sodium, low-sugar ketchup, lettuce and slices of fresh tomato.



Calories: 209
Calories from Fat : 51
Protein: 29 g I
Total Carbs: 9 g
Tolal Fat : 5 g
Fiber: 1 g
Sodium, 810 mg

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